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Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer

Indonesia furniture manufacturer

About Us

Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer Kurnia Global Jaya Export as a company engaged in the Indonesian furniture trade wants to provide the best experience to all our business partners. We realize that the value of our Indonesian furniture products can be a strength for us to be able to spread our products throughout the world. Our experience as an Indonesian furniture manufacturer with years of experience has made us confident to compete as an Indonesian furniture supplier. As an Indonesian furniture manufacturer, we offer the highest quality Indonesian furniture with very strict quality control, and of course at very reasonable and competitive prices.

Our mission is to design, and make solid and stylish furniture using sustainable resources and serve all our business partners with the best service. Kurnia Global Jaya Export is always oriented towards the satisfaction of our business partners. We are committed to continuing to develop by continuously innovating to provide products that are comfortable, beautiful and durable. We are very open to consumer desires. In addition to our products, we accept ordering furniture according to the design desired by consumers. No need to wait long to contact us, we will ensure you get valuable and sustainable business experience.


For hundreds of years, tropical wood has been developed as the wood used for materials in furniture making. In Indonesia, natural wood and rattan are developed by the hands of experienced craftsmen into various furniture products, both in the form of Indonesian indoor furniture, Indonesian outdoor furniture, Indonesian rattan natural furniture that is charming. The experience of Indonesian furniture craftsmen creates many variants of Indonesian furniture, the form of natural wood fiber combined with various types of finishing such as blackwashing, whitewashing and combining with metal makes this furniture can adjust in every room, both indoors and outdoors. One thing is certain, they are very charming. All the effort and money you spend will not be in vain when this furniture is able to give an impression of amazement to your guests. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are very open to every request of our business partners.

indonesia furniture manufacturer


Be a leader in the furniture industry with focuses on innovation in design, services, and product and being able to meet the demand of the global market.


  1. Maintain intensive communication relationships with business partners to create long-term mutually beneficial business relationships.
  2. Continuously making innovative designs and in accordance with market demand.
  3. Exploring and maximizing the use of sustainable and eco-friendly material.
  4. Continuously improve service with the satisfaction of business partners.

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